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Share Performance

The worldwide economic crisis which began in mid 2008 and continued for most of 2009 had serious impact on global financial markets even in 2010, causing a strong sense of insecurity among operators. The markets were even more affected by the concern about the sovereign debt of certain European countries which reached levels considered excessive at the beginning of 2010. The joint action taken by EU institutions, together with rigorous economic policies applied by the European countries in question, restored confidence in the system and, in the second part of the year, the market initially stabilised and then recovered, although a contained upwards trend.

In this scenario, the Italian utility stocks followed the markets negative performance, though posting a slightly better performance compared to the Italian All Share index. The FTSE Italia All Share index closed 2010 down by 11.5% from the beginning of the year, while the Italian Local Utilities index closed at -10.5%. In 2010, Hera share countered the trend by posting an official price of Euro 1.558 in the last trading session of the year, thereby posting a negative performance for the year of only -3.9%.

Share Performance

The average level of daily trades was approximately 1.5 million shares, for an amount in line with 2009, of about Euro 2.3 million.

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