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Business plan

The 2010-2014 business plan which was presented in October 2010, proposes the continuation of the aforementioned strategies and, on the basis of the solid performance reached, provides for increases in the economic and financial results achieved to date. The expectations are based on the rationalisation processes already implemented, the deployed plants and the pursuit of expansion strategies in deregulated markets. Cash generation of the initiatives for organic growth will make it possible to sustain further development of the plants, improve financial soundness and maintain a policy of increasing dividends over time.

The external expansion strategies remain a priority according to the usual logic of expanding in the “multi-business” sector in surrounding territories and the “mono-business” initiatives for the deregulated market activities in Italy. To support these actions for development, in 2010 Hera increased the Group’s financial flexibility through the placement of a convertible bond worth Euro 140 million.

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