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Integrated Water Cycle

The Hera Group is the second largest operator in Italy in the management of the complete water cycle, from the collection and purification of waste water to the distribution of drinking water. Hera is the only operator performing this service in seven provinces in Emilia Romagna and in the Northern area of Marche, in accordance with long-term concessions (2022 on the average: even for water service concession see also above mentioned rule of law 23bis del D.L. 25/06/2008 n. 112 and further changes). The tariffs for 2008-2012 have already been agreed with local authorities.

Increased efficiency in the management of more than 26,000 kilometres of water networks, economies of scale in purchasing and adjustment of tariffs to meet legal requirements were the key factors behind the growth achieved in 2010, given the contribution of volumes sold.

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