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Waste Management

Hera leads the national market in the waste business, by quantity of collected and disposed waste. These waste collection activities are carried out basing on long term concessions.

The recent law, defined by rule of law 23bis del D.L. 25/06/2008 n. 112 and further changes (law 20th November 2009, n. 266) states that the present concessions, effective since the 1st October 2003 and related to listed Companies, can be carried out until the original expiration date, which were registered on concession documents, only if privatization operations are carried out by reducing local municipalities capital by a no more than 40% share within 30th June 2013 and no more than 30%, within 31st December 2015. If the capital reduction cant be achieved within the fixed deadlines, the concessions will expire in advance, as per lawmaker indications. Gains covering all the collecting and disposal cycle expenses are yearly established in accordance with local Authorities and consistently with the national and regional law.

Over the last eight years, the list of plant infrastructures has grown to 77 plants, capable of covering the entire range of possible waste treatments and recoveries. These plants represent the excellence of the Group on a domestic scale and have allowed it to expand the volume of its activities considerably.

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