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Industrial Relations

The signature of the Group’s Supplementary Collective Labour Agreement which began in September 2009 n based on the platform presented by the Trade Unions Organisation, took place on 24 March 2010 and resulted in the definition of a new agreement on Group performance-related bonuses for 2010-2012.

The renewed Group Supplementary Collective Labour Agreement reviews the mutual rules governing union relations and established for the first time within the renewed Protocol for Industrial Relations, a technical observatory for organisational innovation and quality of labour, which is not of a bargaining nature, named LaborHERA and the members of which are experts appointed by the unions and experts appointed by the company. It will be in charge of monitoring and/or formulating proposals on issues that are of particular importance such as the monitoring of initiatives involving health & safety (H&S), training, tendering and corporate social responsibility. Monitoring the development and investment programmes and providing insight in support of the organisation's evolution in regard to the organisation of work in a spirit of experimentation and innovation. The same observation process, with the same features, can be activated at the local level as well, for the development of the same issues at the territorial level. The objective is to involve trade unions so that they participate more in issues involving innovation and those which carry the most significance for the company. This will take place in order to identify involvement other than through the normal union negotiating procedures. 

Furthermore, within the Group Wholesale Marketing Component (CCI), the chapters on the training health & safety (H&S) , atypical and closed ended work contracts and the chapter on representation and health & safety issues on the job was rewritten to indicate that in every Group Company/Operating Unit, there exist worker representatives for health and safety that are competent in relation to the activity they exercise. Furthermore an RLS Group Coordination will be set up that will work on issues that are general or transversal.

Within the Group CCI chapter on memoranda of understanding relating to tenders, it was decided in view of the changes in the legislation referring to tenders for the assignment of Local Public Services, to establish a technical round table between the trade unions and the company that will study and understand the scenarios deriving from the activation of the national and regional legislative changes.

Finally, for legal indemnities and financial compensation a technical committee was set up that will define a system for harmonisation of the indemnities and legal financial compensation within the HERA Group, including the gradual uniformity of the travel and cafeteria compensation and updating the compensation for geographic mobility. Through this instrument, the compensations for the counting of holiday time and overtime were harmonised and a sing stem for managing tardies and permits for visits to doctors was introduced.

The negotiations at the Group and territorial level with union representatives that were concluded in September made it possible to reach an agreement on the establishment of “Access monitoring and video surveillance” systems within Hera Group.

At the beginning of 2011, a union negotiation was concluded that had begun in 2010 and which aimed to define working hour of the waste to energy plants within Herambiente and which were thus made uniform. It was also possible to define a single staff turnover system for shifts within all the company's waste to energy plants and to harmonise the financial and regulatory compensation of involved personnel.

4 strikes were announced in 2010. Three strikes were against government policies, two of which were organised by the CGIL and one by the CUB. The fourth strike was organised by Filctem CGIL and related to the renewal of the CCNL GasAcqua.