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Integrated Water Service

The year 2010 was the third year of the 2008-2012 regulatory period concluded with all ATOs, except for the ATO Modena, for which the tariff agreement was renewed for the 2010-2012 period.

The comparison with data of 2009 shows an increase in revenue per unit of 5% for 2010. This is mainly due to the application of tariff agreements resolved by ATOs that provide for a tariff convergence towards the entire coverage of costs. On the other hand, as regards volumes, 2010 decreased by 2.3% mainly due to the exceptional rain that fell in the summer months especially.

Hera Group consolidated water cycle - tariff revenues20092010% Change
Tariff revenues (millions of )408.50 419.152.6%
Volumes (millions of cubic metre)256.60250.80-2.3%
Average revenue per unit (cent per cubic metre)159.20167.135.0%