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Income Statement

thousands of €notes20102009 *
Change in inventories of finished products and work in progress4-1,665-2,869
Other operating income5210,431234,667
of which non-recurring   16,841
Use of raw materials and consumables (net of changes in inventories of raw materials and stock)6-2,140,470-2,777,567
Services costs7-810,742-765,258
Personnel costs8-361,931-352,044
Amortisation, depreciation and allowances9-291,886-276,001
Other operating costs10-38,821-37,725
Capitalised costs1181,90363,869
EBIT 315,382291,276
Portion of profit (loss) pertaining to associated companies125,8683,921
Financial income1391,02122,967
Financial charges13-206,642-140,244
of which non-recurring   -12,254
Total financial operations -109,753-113,356
Other non-operating costs140-15,319
Pre-tax profit 205,629162,601
Taxes for the period15-63,575-77,637
of which non-recurring  25,061 
Net profit for the period 142,05484,964
Attributable to:   
Shareholders of the Parent Company 117,21871,052
Minority shareholders 24,83613,912
Earnings per share15  
base 0.1060.068
diluted 0.1060.068

* The figures as at 31 December 2010 were reclassified as described in the Explanatory notes, at the "Financial Statements" paragraph

thousand of €20102009
Net profit/(loss) for the year142,05484,964
- change in cash flow hedge reserve
  (net of tax effect)
- change in cash flow hedge reserve of companies carried at equity (net of tax effect)163-220
Total profit/(loss) for the year147,39682,008
Attributable to:  
Shareholders of the Parent Company122,73768,222
Minority shareholders24,65913,786