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4 Revenues

  2010 2009Changes
Revenues from sales and services 3,668,5634,204,204-535,641
Change in inventories of work in progress, semifinished and finished products and contract work in progress861175
Change in contract work in progress-1,751 -2,880 1,129
Other income and revenues210,431 234,667-24,236

Please see the Directors’ Report for the analysis of sales trends by business sector and the note providing information by business area. At this time we wish to point out only the reduction of revenues from sales and services. It is mainly attributable to the reduced trading of electricity and the fall of the prices of raw materials on the sale of gas.

Please find below the reclassifications carried out on the corresponding items of financial year 2009:

 2009 published reclassification 2009 reclassified
Change in contract work in progress-1,889-991-2,880
Other revenues and income - long-term construction contracts82,755151,912 234,667
Total 80,866150,921231,787

"Change in contract work in progress": the reclassification became necessary in order to better represent the works executed, but not yet completed, concerning the construction of plants and other works among companies operating within the Group. This reclassification also caused the "Capitalised costs" to increase.

"Other revenues and income" comprises the representation in line with the requirements of the IFRIC 12 interpretation of the revenues generated by the construction, or improvement, of the infrastructures held in concession.  The effect of said representation also reflects on:

  •  “Use of raw materials and materials”, Euro 2,702 thousand
  • "Services costs", Euro 109,958 thousand
  • "Other operating costs", Euro 281 thousand
  • "Capitalized costs", Euro 38,971 thousand.
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