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5 Other operating income

  2010 2009Changes
Long-term contracts 135,169 151,912-16,743
Termination of lease contracts of the gas and district heating business units 016,841 -16,841
White certificates15,47810,938 4,540
Use and re-assessment of provisions14,9505,1549,796
Operating grants and grants for separated waste collection14,84413,1331,711
Capital gains on sales of goods6,0887,379-1,291
Capital grants3,6743,255419
Grey certificates3,6320 3,632
Costs reimbursed2,8972,199698
Insurance reimbursements1,2114,150-2,939
Sale of materials and stock to third parties793630163
Brokerage for waste treatment05,048 -5,048
Other revenues10,23712,271-2,034

The most substantial changes with respect to the same period of the previous year are described below.

"Long-term construction contracts": include revenues generated from the construction or improvement of infrastructures held in concession.   

"Termination of lease contracts of the gas and district heating networks" refers to the contingent asset recorded in 2009 as part of the share capital increase of the parent company following the transfer of the gas and district heating networks by the asset companies: Area Asset Spa and Con.Ami.

"White certificates" and "Grey certificates": show the revenues recorded for the Compensation Fund of the electricity sector for the white certificates after energy goals were attained and for the Ministry for the Environment for the grey certificates pertaining to the plants and "new entrants".

“Use and re-assessment of provisions”: mainly includes uses of the provision for doubtful debts, Euro 8,000 thousand, and the landfill post-closure provision, Euro 6,502 thousand, concerning labour, leachate and resource hour costs.

"Operating grants and grants for separated waste collection": shows an increase of Euro 1,711 thousand over the previous year mainly due to grants made for the higher quantities of packaging coming from the separated waste collection (cardboard, iron, plastic and glass) sold to the consortiums of the Conai chain and electric and electronic equipment waste taken to the RAEE Coordination Centre.

 "Capital gains on sales of goods": mainly recorded for the disposal of the real estate complex in Bologna (Via Ranzani) and in Sassuolo (Via Brigata Folgore), which respectively generated capital gains of Euro 3,234 thousand and Euro 2,343 thousand, respectively, as well as of resources, waste disposal bins and sundry equipment totalling Euro 353 thousand.

 "Insurance reimbursements": record a decrease of Euro 2,939 thousand. Financial year 2009 includes reimbursements received following damages sustained by the plants:

  • fire at the WDF and IRE plants in Ravenna (Euro 1,363 thousand)
  • fire at the WTE of Ferrara (Euro 624 thousand)
  • fire at the WTE of Modena (Euro 510 thousand)

"Waste treatment brokerage": bringing the figure to zero for 2010 is attributable only to a different classification of this item (amongst the "revenues from sales and services").

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