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7 Costs for services

  2010 2009Changes
Charges for works and maintenance253,600260,807-7,207
Waste  transportation, disposal and collection services 169,457159,5829,875
Energy transport and storage 135,789103,58932,200
Fees paid to local authorities69,48673,542-4,056
Technical, organisation, legal and tax assistance consultancy23,07121,8201,251
IT and data processing services19,37911,1908,189
Rents and leases payable18,60718,56146
Technical services17,61414,0683,546
Postal and telephone costs15,47016,192-722
Recruitment, training and other staff costs11,71310,822891
Bank fees and charges7,5937,436157
Announcements and advertising 7,2386,0321,206
Meter readings5,0975,259-162
Remuneration to Statutory Auditors, Directors, Area Committees5,0225,299-277
Cleaning and security costs4,5755,379-804
Laboratory analysis3,8983,569329
Fees payable3,8953,108787
Industrial utilities (water, methane, heat and electrical energy) 3,2603,354-94
Other service costs22,90420,305 2,599
Total810,742 765,25845,484

The value relative to financial year 2009 was restated for comparison purposes, as explained in the first paragraph of these notes.

Reclassifications for some items, with respect to amounts shown in year 2009, are shown hereunder

 2009 published reclassification2009 reclassified
Charges for works and maintenance128,992 128,992
Charges for works and maintenance  - construction of plants among Group companies021,859 21,859
Charges for works and maintenance  -IFRIC 12 classification0109,956 109,956
Total  Charges for work and maintenance128,992131,815260,807

The most substantial changes compared to the previous year are described below:

"Waste transportation, disposal and collection services": the increase can be attributed to more waste management services provided in some Municipalities. This increase in costs was however followed by an increase in revenues which were included in the tariff (TIA).

"Energy transport and storage": the increase is attributable to higher volumes of electricity sold on third party grids.

"Fees paid to local authorities": the reduction compared to the previous year is mainly due to the lower fees paid to:

  • Con.Ami  for the gas service amounting to Euro 934 thousand
  • Municipality of Bologna for fees regarding the sewage service totalling Euro 2,384 thousand.

"Technical services": the considerable increase over the previous year is mainly due to a different classification of costs, again in connection with application of the IFRIC 12.

"IT and CED services": the Euro 8,189 thousand increase is mainly due to a restatement of costs for telephony to other operators services (these costs in 2009 were classified among the "rents and leases payables").

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