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10 Other operating costs

Special landfill levy11,40410,741663
Taxation other than income taxes8,0657,226839
State rentals 3,5783,050528
Membership fees and other fees3,6443,480164
Capital loss on the sale of assets3,2023,18814
Losses on receivables035-35
Other minor charges8,92810,005-1,077

The value relative to financial year 2009 has been exposed for comparison purposes to reflect the application of the interpretation of IFRIC 12. In this regard, see the first paragraph of these notes.

Reclassifications for some items, with respect to amounts shown in year 2009, are shown hereunder:

 31-Dec-2009 publishedreclassification31-Dec-2009 reclassified
State rentals5,275-2,2253,050
Taxation other than income taxes5,0012,2257,226
Other minor charges9,724 9,724
Other minor charges - IFRIC 12 classification 281281
Total Other minor charges20,00028120,281

In commenting this note, we wish to point out only the "Capital loss on sale of assets" generated by the following disposals:

  • various areas in the real estate complex in Bologna - in Viale Berti Pichat and Via Ranzani (warehouse, stores, fuel pump, etc.) for Euro 1,131 thousand;
  • electricity meters, Euro 1,185 thousand;
  • resources, waste disposal bins and other equipment for Euro 537 thousand.

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