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Balance Sheet - assets

thousands of €notes31-dic-201031-Dec-2009 *
Non-current assets   
Tangible fixed assets 161,840,2321,765,225
Intangible fixed assets171,728,4981,688,092
Goodwill and consolidation difference18377,579378,574
Equity investments and securities19135,344121,243
Financial assets 2010,91210,535
Deferred tax assets2184,29073,596
Financial instruments - derivatives2240,071419
Current assets   
Trade receivables 241,134,4961,137,076
Contract work in progress 2517,22818,913
Financial assets 2646,08421,790
Financial instruments - derivatives2212,79650,199
Other current assets27181,607178,892
Cash and cash equivalents28538,226350,332
TOTAL ASSETS  6,201,2435,841,954