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26 Financial assets

Receivables for mortgages to be collected 1,098 376 722
Financial receivables from associated companies29,31313,38415,929
Portfolio securities and financial policies7,2217,274-53
Receivables for loans given to others8,4527567,696
Total 46,084 21,790 24,294

The composition and main changes with respect to 31 December 2009 are commented on below:

Item “Financial receivables from associated companies” comprises interest-bearing loans granted by the Parent Company to the following companies:

  • Tamarete Energia Srl, Euro 23,736 thousand;
  • Enomondo Srl, Euro 4,100 thousand;
  • Refri Srl, Euro 181 thousand;
  • Modena Network Spa, Euro 900 thousand;
  • Ghirlandina Solare Srl, Euro 396 thousand

The increase of Euro 15,929 thousand is mainly attributable to additional/new loans granted to the following companies: Tamarete Energia Srl, Euro 11,252 thousand, and Enomondo Srl, Euro 4,100 thousand.

Item “Portfolio securities and financial policies” includes bonds issued by Banca di Credito Cooperativo, amounting to Euro 4,150 thousand, and investment policies with banks, amounting to Euro 3,069 thousand.

The increase in “receivables for loans given to others”, amounting to Euro 7,697 thousand, equals a credit position vis--vis customers, already collected in January 2011.

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