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20 Financial assets

Loan receivables from associated and other companies10,02910,109-80
Receivables for mortgages to be collected and advanced commissions574425149
Fixed-income securities3091308

“Loan receivables from associated and other companies”, comprises non-interest bearing loans or loans regulated at market rates, granted to the following companies:

  • Set Spa, Euro 5,964 thousand;
  • Sei Spa, Euro 2,828 thousand;
  • Oikothen Scarl, Euro 276 thousand;
  • Modena Network Spa, Euro 960 thousand.

The decrease in the loan granted to the associated company Oikothen Scarl, equal to Euro 1,528 thousand, is to be noted after its “use” within the hedging of losses and formation of the share capital. The loans granted to the companies Sei Spa and Set Spa increased by Euro 298 thousand and Euro 1,149 thousand compared with 2009.

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