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33 Deferred tax liabilities

Deferred tax liabilities 6,022 42,350 -36,328
Other IAS/IFRS deferred liabilities70,12190,451-20,330
Total 76,143 132,801 -56,658

Deferred tax liabilities are generated by temporary differences between the balance sheet profit and taxable income. 

 Deferred tax payables generated by IAS/IFRS effects are reported separately. In particular, said payables refer to the application of the following standards:

IAS 38 Intangible Assets 47 5 42
IAS 37 Restoration of third-party assets and landfill post-closure23,46125,929-2,468
IAS 16 Fixed assets36,55135,656895
IAS 17 Financial Leasing4,0234,305-282
IAS 19 Employee leaving indemnity and other employee benefits5,4425,304138
IAS 39 Derivatives5971,691-1,094
IFRS 3 Business Combinations 0 17,561 -17,561
Total 70,121 90,451 -20,330

The item "IFRS 3 Business Combinations", as at 31 December 2009, refers to the transfer of business units by Area Asset Spa and Con.Ami Spa, resulting in the posting of higher or lower values in assets which are not recognised for tax purposes.

The decrease in “Deferred tax liabilities” compared to the previous year, Euro 56,658 thousand, is attributable for Euro 50,486 to the reversal to the income statement of deferred tax liabilities recorded in the previous year, the item “IFRS 3 Business Combinations”, for Euro 17,561 thousand and to the item “Deferred tax payables”, for Euro 32,925 thousand) due to the effect of the tax sheltering of higher values recognised in the 2009 financial statements through the payment of substitute tax. In this regard, see Note 15 to the income statement. 

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